Actor Tom Arnold Goes Off on Trump at Media Event

Actor Tom Arnold shared his thoughts on President Donald Trump at the Television Critics Association's press tour in Beverly Hills today while promoting his new series on Viceland "The Hunt for the Trump Tapes with Tom Arnold." 

When he was asked by a reporter if he believed Trump supporters would be moved by an incriminating tape should Arnold find one, the actor/comedian didn't hold back. 

“I don’t give a s*** about the 40 percent,” Arnold told the audience according to Entertainment Weekly. “I’m going to do this until he resides. He’s a crazy person. He’s putting our country at the precipice of a war. There are things that are going on right now that affect our world, that are scary. I’m in a position to do something that is working. It is going to happen. If you pay attention to the news now since Helsinki, big things are breaking on him every day and he’s acting even crazier.  ‘I’m quitting on my terms.’ He’s going to resign. It’s going to happen. His 40 percent? F*** them.”

When it came to Apprentice producer Mark Burnett, Arnold was not shy calling him the man most responsible for Trump landing in the Oval Office. 

“Mark Burnett helped create this guy,” Arnold said. “One 12-hour day of Trump Tower. That’s what I want. I want to show America that. I’m going to keep hammering Mark Burnett. He sits next to Donald Trump and never says one word. Mark Burnett says he’s a Christian. By the time you see this you will know there is a pee-pee tape. There is no doubt…”

Arnold has previously claimed to have an incriminating compilation of the president saying sexist and racist things while on the set of The Apprentice. When asked why he hadn't released the tapes, he tweeted in 2016 that he believed releasing the tapes would have led to Senator Ted Cruz becoming president, which he did not want. 

Photo: Getty Images

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