San Clemente Beach Goers Save Hooked Great White Shark

That guy, right there, now that's a man.

I'd like to think that I'd try to save a beached great white shark, but I can't honestly say that I would jump at the opportunity to grab a 6-foot death beast by the tail.

Lucky for this juvenile great white, these San Clemente beach goers were ready to rescue the animal after it was reeled in by a fisherman.

Four men went up to the shark (led by that bearded manly man), used some pliers to remove the hook from its mouth, and then pulled and pushed it back out in the water, where it same away.

Apparently this isn't unheard of in the area.  This portion of the beach is actually known as "hot spot" for young great white sharks, a place where they like to hang out during the summer.

And, even though catching great white sharks is illegal, people don't tend to get in trouble, as long as the shark isn't hurt and it is released back into the ocean.

Read the full story at The Orange County Register

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