#TastyTuesday: Don't You Mean #TequilaTuesday?!

Forget #TastyTuesday, today is #TequilaTuesday with @ForkReporter!


Because today is National Tequila Day!

That's right, it's not even Cinco de Mayo and you have a real excuse to enjoy the blackout-inducing joy that is tequila.

(If you don't know how tequila is made, it's actually pretty interesting.  It all starts with the blue agave plant, which is then steamed, crushed, fermented, and distilled.  Huffington Post explains it way better than I do.)

And, lucky for all of us, there's a bunch of restaurants out there that are helping us celebrate!

  • Chili's - You know their $5 margarita? Well, today there's three of them!
  • El Torito - Be one of the first 25 people in the restaurant at 3pm today and get a free shirt if you say buy something and say "tequila."
  • Hooters - Their $5 Watermelon Margarita deal has been extended.
  • Twin Peaks - All day long, Cuervo Silver or Dulce Vida Flavored Tequilas for $2.99 and Patron Silver, Don Julio Silver or Herradura Silver for $4.99.

And that's only some of them!

You can check out the full list at USA Today

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