More Mamma Mia?! Yes!!! Plus This Week's Other Big Releases

Wondering why we played ABBA bumpers all day?

It was because of the release of this movie!

Can you believe it's been 10 years since the first Mamma Mia movie?!

Lucky for us, the wait seems to have been worth it.

CNN's Brian Lowry seemed to enjoy most of what he saw.

"Slow to start, the movie feels a trifle clunky in the early going, and indulges in a bit of a gimmick toward the end, building toward a much-ballyhooed appearance by Cher, which feels like one of those token cameos by a big studio contract player back in the heyday of big musicals.

In between, though, "Mamma Mia!" hits plenty of the right notes, in large part by focusing the narrative on flashing back to 1979, when the young Donna first came to her Greek paradise (actually shot in Croatia), engaging in a trio of trysts with the men who would eventually end up being identified as the potential fathers of her daughter, Sophie (Amanda Seyfried)."

Did you like The Equalizer?

Well, then, according to ScreenRant's Molly Freeman, you'll probably like the sequel.

"After the events of The Equalizer, the sequel finds Robert McCall in his new normal. While he hasn't confronted the events in his past that caused him to fake his own death and lead a quieter life in Boston, Robert now works as a Lyft driver, taking odd jobs on the side for folks who need help from a man with his particular set of skills. Instead of being completely removed from his past, Robert now walks a more delicate line between his life in Boston and putting his old skills to work for new people. However, that changes when his old friend from the CIA, Susan Palmer (Melissa Leo), is murdered, and the men who orchestrated the attack come after both Susan's husband Brian (Bill Pullman) as well as Robert himself."

I just realized that all 3 of this week's featured movies are sequels.

Shows how well I look ahead...


Unfriended: Dark Web looks just a creepy and captivating as the first one.

The New York Times' Glenn Kenny breaks it down:

"Like the 2015 movie “Unfriended,” to which this picture is what they call a “stand-alone” sequel, “Unfriended: Dark Web” unfolds in real time and overlays a diabolical formal stroke on top. That is, like the first, all the action occurs within a computer screen. And as the first film had teenage friends (and the ghost of a teenager) tormenting each other online, this movie is also true to its title, exposing the seedier and more sinister sides of the internet."

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