Judge Denies Request to Postpone Huntington Beach Lawsuit

California's request for a postponement on the lawsuit filed by Huntington Beach over sanctuary state laws was denied by Orange County Superior Court Judge James Crandall Thursday. 

The lawsuit filed in April by Huntington Beach City Attorney Michael gates, claims "SB 54 unconstitutionally interferes with the city's charter authority to enforce local laws and regulations, including the operation of the police department."

The bill, which was signed into law last year, "limits interaction between local law enforcement and federal immigration officials — with exceptions, including cases that involve violent or serious felonies."

The lawsuit comes after President Trump's administration litigation calling California’s sanctuary laws unconstitutional.

The state argued that Trump's litigation and Huntington Beach's disputes are related therefore the lawsuit should be postponed until federal litigation reaches its conclusion.

Judge Crandall however said, “federal actions do not cover the same subject matter.” Crandall says the city's lawsuit “raises a completely different ground.”

Photo: Getty Images

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