Get Ready to be Able to Legally Download Plans for 3-D Printed Guns

Technology is a wonderful, crazy thing...

In our pockets are handheld computers that can call, search for anything and call anyone, any where.

But have has technology gone too far?

Gun-rights activists have ended a years long legal battle with the government that will allow them to post 3-D printable gun plans online starting August 1. 

The settlement started when self-described post-left anarchist Cody Wilson posted plans for a 3-D printed handgun he called "The Liberator" in 2013. 

The single-shot pistol is made almost entirely out of the same plastic Lego bricks are made from.

The government told him to take it down...he sued and eventually won.

The government has agreed to pay almost $40,000 of Wilson's legal fees and to refund some registration fees. 

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