Ready For Freddie?

If you're wondering why #BohemianRhapsody is trending, well that's because 20th Century Fox just released a new, longer trailer for the movie, due out in November.

Rami Malek, just from the trailer, looks really impressive as Queen front man Freddie Mercury, and depicts the band's epic rise and dominance in live stadium performances.  If you've ever seen any kind of documentary about Queen, you see full well how Freddie Mercury commanded the stage and embraced the audience.  It looks like Malek does Freddie justice. 

According to Variety:

We also get hints of Mercury’s sex life — first his girlfriend and confidante Mary Austin, then later male lovers in several unspecific but emotionally loaded moments — leading up to the inevitable conclusion, which we have not yet seen depicted in the film, of the singer’s AIDS-related death in 1991.

For any Queen fan, this one looks like a MUST SEE!  

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