Researchers Say You Might Still Be Conscious Under Anesthesia

Most of us would much rather be asleep than awake during surgery... But researchers in Finland says it's possible for people to remain conscious even after they've been put under.

The study suggests that the brain is still "partly conscious" while under anesthesia, even if you're not fully aware.

"The brain is working more than we have thought during general anesthesia," said Dr. Harry Scheinin, an anesthesiologist at the Terveystalo Pulssi Hospital and adjunct professor at the University of Turku, both in Finland. But says this "is not necessarily a problem."


Talk about a ding DONG...

They say many people are still dreaming, and the outside world might be influencing those dreams.

But, researchers say, even if you are partly conscious, you won't remember anything after you wake up.

Do you get freaked out about surgery?  Do you have any weird memories from being on anesthesia?

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