Bill Handel's 25th Anniversary!!!

July 16th, 1993....a Friday....probably sunny outside....

But inside the walls of KFI AM 640, the first week the station turned to a talk format, sat the newest host of the morning show.

That host was a man who before him lay years of news, laughs, remotes all across Southern California and various memories created with different hosts and staff of the station...

That man is William Wolf Handel Esq.... a man who has pissed off just as many people as he's made laugh as well as inform during his morning show for the last 25 years.

To celebrate him and his show's anniversary, hosts from KFI, our FM partner stations and past and present members of his morning crew have recorded special messages that aired during the day's show...

If you missed any, all have been compiled below for your listening enjoyment:

Congratulations to Bill Handel! Here's to another 25 years!

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