Arrest Made After Video Showing Woman Abandoning Dog Goes Viral

Surveillance video posted to Facebook of a woman abandoning a dog Tuesday morning along a road in Missouri has resulted in an arrest police said, Saturday. The video, which shows the dog chasing after the vehicle after it's been abandoned, has been viewed more than a million times on social media.

Twenty-six year old Ashley Nicole Devine, was arrested Friday night and booked into the Greene County Jail and charged with misdemeanor animal neglect and abandonment according to the sheriff's website. 

Security camera footage appears to show a driver get out of her car, and shoo a female lab-mix dog out along a road in Greene County, Missouri. The dog runs in circles around the hot pavement and then takes off running, chasing after the departing vehicle. 

When Glenn Blake, the owner of the footage saw what happened, he immediately posted it to his Facebook page and called the local sheriff's office, who sent a deputy to the scene. 

"Really, all the credit should go to Deputy Turner," Blake said on Wednesday. "He went out of this way to find the dog, get ahold of it, get it cooled off and get it water. And the adoption agency (worker). Kudos to both of those people."

The dog was taken to an emergency shelter based in Springfield, where it was placed into foster care and renamed Hope according to a post on the sheriff's Facebook page. 

Photo: Greene County Sheriff's Office

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