Trump Calls Sun Interview "Fake News"

President Donald Trump has claimed "fake news" over his Sun interview after disavowing his criticism of Theresa May. 

Trump pledged new support for a post-Brexit trade deal during a press conference at the Buckinghamshire estate. He covered an array of topics including immigration, US trade deals, and warned Theresa May not to walk away from a deal with the EU.

Trump talked about his words for May in his Sun interview and added that he had apologized to May saying "don't worry, it's only the press".

“I can fully understand why she thought it might be tough – if they don’t get the right deal, she may choose to do what I suggested. If she walks away, that means she’s stuck. You can’t walk away, but you can do other things,” he said.

Trump said the Sun interview omitted his praise of May. 

A spokesman for the Sun said it stood by its reporting, “to say the president called us ‘fake news’ with any serious intent is, well ... fake news.”

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Photo: Getty Images

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