This Weekend's Big Movie Releases!

Looking for a movie to watch this weekend?

Take a look at these!

If you love movies starring The Rock, then you'll probably love Skyscraper.

The Hollywood Reporter breaks it down:

"Skyscraper stars Johnson as a former FBI hostage rescue team leader now assigned to provide security for a towering skyscraper in China. He must spring into action when his wife (Neve Campbell) and children are trapped inside the world's tallest building after villains set fire to it. Rawson Marshall Thurber, who made Central Intelligence with Johnson, wrote and directed the pic."

Netflix also has a big release in How It Ends.

The story is all centered around the downfall of society. 

The Guardian says:

"David M Rosenthal’s film, based on a Black List screenplay by Brooks McLaren, begins as romantic fare. Will (Theo James) and Samantha (Kat Graham) are going to have a child. Will, a successful young lawyer, takes a deep breath and flies from Seattle to Chicago to sit down with Samantha’s father Tom (Forest Whitaker) and “ask for her hand”."

And there's Amazon's Don't Worry, He Won't Get Far On Foot.

RollingStone outlines the film by saying:

"Based on the 1989 memoir by Portland, Oregon cartoonist John Callahan, the film traces what happens when this party-hard, skirt-chasing boozehound is rendered a wheelchair-bound quadriplegic by an alcohol-fueled car accident. His journey from wallowing in despair to becoming a successful satirical cartoonist makes the usual stops at physical therapy sessions and work-the-program meetings, but Joaquin Phoenix and director Gus Van Sant raise the bar when they use roguish humor and bruising pain to color outside the box."

And, if you are really missing @MrMoKelly today, or if you saw (or didn't...) Ant-Man & The Wasp and want to hear his breakdown with his explicit NerdCast, listen right here!

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