Are You Being Invaded By Ants?

The heat wave we've experienced the last few days has been uncomfortable, annoying and we're just plain OVER it.

And to think summer has JUST barely started!

So while you're basking in your sweat in front of the fan, or cranking down the AC to a level So Cal Edison would find to be irresponsible (What?  68 degrees in the house is perfectly acceptable!) there's a tiny invader that is also looking for ways to beat the heat, and that means they may end up in your kitchen, bedrooms and bathrooms.


There are things you can do to keep the little buggers at bay, thanks to an article in The Independent.

Among the suggestions:

At points of entry around the house (doors, windows, etc) draw a chalk line, sprinkle some talcum powder, or flour...ants apparently won't cross a line made from those items.  

You can also use citrus, white vinegar or peppermint spray, and spray around areas you know are entry points or spray where you see ants are traveling, or try sprinkling some pepper. Ants are repelled by those scents and will high tail it out of your home!

For more ideas, check out the article at The Independent or the above video. 

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