Philadelphia Starbucks Employee Fired After Mocking Customers Stutter

A Starbucks in Philadelphia has fired an employee after allegedly mocking a customer with a stutter.

The customer posted on Facebook Sunday, saying that his friend stuttered when giving his name. He said the barista made a joke about his stutter, and then spelled his friends name with extra letters.

He reported to Starbucks what happened to his friend, but he was only offered a $5 coupon as an apology.

"Clearly, Starbucks missed the point. It was about how you treat people with speech impairments, not how you write names," Lekwijit wrote in his Facebook post.

Mark Thompson is filling in for Conway this week. Take a listen to what he had to say about the story:

This all comes only a few months after Starbucks held anti-racial bias training for all of their U.S. employees. That was after a worker at another Philly location called police on two black men just waiting for a friend.

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