"Cop Pool Karaoke" - Boston Police Officers Sing 'God Bless America'

Two Boston police officers are taking over the internet with their "Carpool Karaoke" inspired duet, just in time for Independence Day. 

The video shows officers Stephen McNulty and Kim Tavares preparing for the holiday by singing one of their favorite patriotic songs, inside of their police cruiser!

In talking about the upcoming festivities, McNulty tells Tavares one of his favorite songs is “God Bless America".

“We should do a duet sometime,” he says.

“Everybody always says that, ‘When are you and Stevie going to sing together?’” Tavares says. 

“Let’s try it.”

“Happy to see two of our officers, Kim Tavares and Stephen McNulty, getting in the mood for all the upcoming 4th of July festivities planned for the Boston area and surrounding communities,’’ the post said. “Please feel free to sing along with them as they make their way through our city.”

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