Bryan Suits Talks With Antonio Sabato Jr. On His Run For Congress

Model and actor Antonio Sabato Jr. is running for Congress in California's 26th District in Ventura County.

He joined Bryan Suits today to discuss his platform and his campaign.

According to his website, Antonio is looking to fight for the people of his district.

"Antonio has lived in the community for 15 years, and his campaign platform is about putting you, the people of 26th District, first! Members of Congress are meant to represent the needs of their district above divisive politics and self-interest; we need to get back to that. Over the years, our local residents, business owners, farmers, and veterans have not received the representation they deserve. Antonio will put what is best for our district ahead of politics, party, and special interest. Most importantly, he will always defend and uphold the Constitution of the United States."

You can learn more about his campaign platform, such as his stances on national security, veterans, and the economy at

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