Shoplifter Falls Through Ceiling During Escape Attempt

She's gonna feel that one in the morning.

And the next morning...

And the next morning...

But, that's what you get for trying to use stolen credit cards.

Anyways, Richard Pariseau and Brittany Burke went into a convenience store outside of Edmonton, Canada (so much for Canadians being nice, kind people...) with some stolen credit cards.

Pariseau tried to use the cards, but when the store owner wasn't buying that he didn't know the PIN because it was his girlfriend's card, he alerted the police.

Officers responded and tried to grab the couple, but they sure were intent on making those Mounties earn it!

Pariseau went the traditional resisting arrest route, running around the store, throwing snack foods at the officer, and fighting with him until the officer finally got him under control.

Burke, though, took the high road.  

Unstable, but high.

She went into the back of the store and climbed up some items in storage and went into the ceiling.

Unfortunately for her (but very fortunately for us and our watching pleasure), she came crashing through the ceiling, falling onto a store shelf, where police were able to arrest her.

Pariseau has been charged with possession of stolen property under $5,000, using a stolen credit card, resisting arrest, and assaulting a police officer.  

Burke has been charged with obstructing a police officer, failure to comply, and mischief.

Read the full story at CTV News Edmonton

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