Video: Man Calls Cops on Burrito Eating Passenger on BART Train

Finally there's a video where cops are called and it isn't for a messed up racist reason!

In Northern California, a BART rider is confronting another passenger for breaking a cardinal sin level train rule....eating.

“You can’t wait? The sign says no eating or drinking. You don’t get it? You must be stupid."

He then makes his way to the car's intercom and threatens calling up a police officer.

“Yes please, can you get a policeman onboard here? We’ve got someone dining here in the first car.”

The other passengers think the situation is hilarious and actually begin to encourage the burrito eater...who weirdly hasn't even really responded to this whole situation.

When this video hit social media, a debate began on both sides...

Some people thought the angry guy should have minded his own business, others thought that eating on the train led to smelly cars and potentially dirty seats.

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