President Trump Attacks Media, Hillary and NFL In Same Breath

President Trump has had a really good week... 

The Supreme Court ruled against labor unions in the Supreme Court, then Justice Anthony Kennedy announced he would retire, Trump spoke to thousands of cheering supporters in North Dakota. 

Trump managed to work in digs at his favorite targets; the media, Hillary Clinton, and the NFL, lumping them almost into the same breath. 

Pointing towards reporters gathered at the back of the stadium, which got the crowd booing, Trump said:

"If Crooked Hillary would have won this election and if she came here, which was about a 0% chance after the election, she would have 200 people in a conference room in the small hotel. You know, the saddest thing? I am making them rich. They never had ratings like this. When the NFL is down 20%, it's the flag but also the fact that everybody is watching us on the different cable networks. Because frankly, they find us more exciting than the NFL and much more dangerous." 

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