What The Fluff?!

Getting sick of my dog posts yet? 

Well, here's ANOTHER one!

There's a new 'challenge' on social media that people are doing with their pets, some are calling it the 'What The Fluff?' challenge.

Basically, you trick your dog, or cat (believe it or not some cats actually fell for it) into believing that you suddenly 'disappeared' into thin air.

The concept is simple, stand by a door or a closet facing your pet with a blanket in your hand.  Get your pet's attention, hold the blanket up covering everything but your head while your dog watches, then suddenly throw the blanket up,  slip to the side, letting the blanket fall on the floor. Voilà!  You're gone! 

The reactions of 99% pets have been HILARIOUS.....there's a small portion of pets who either don't care that you're 'gone' or they're not paying attention to it at all.

We tried it with Princess last night, and I wish we would have caught her reaction, it was really funny. 

Since it's Hump Day and we can all use a break from work, take some time to check out the videos below of the 'What The Fluff' challenge and some other 'dogs and magic' videos.

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