CardioPUPmonary Resuscitation!

CPR stands for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, an emergency lifesaving procedure that according to stats, when performed as soon as possible, can double or triple the chances of your survival after a heart attack.

But what about CardioPUPmonary Resuscitation?

Police in Madrid, Spain were holding a conference recently showing off new procedures.  During this conference, one K-9 officer, during an exercise, suddenly collapsed to the ground.

That's when police dog Poncho sprang into action!

Poncho, wearing a police vest complete with flashing blue light, has been trained to perform CPR, so as soon as he saw his partner fall to the ground, he ran over and did his best to resuscitate him!

Poncho can be seen repeatedly using his front paws to jump up and down on the officers chest, and then pauses to put his ear on the officer's neck to see if there's a pulse.  When the officer doesn't react, Poncho continues his CPR efforts behavior until the officer got up. 


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