SF Neighborhood Sick of All the Homeless Poop

Residents of San Francisco are getting fed up with the homeless and the mess they leave behind. 

Isis street, which sits next to a Highway 101 overpass, has seen some of the worst as the vagrants collected under the overpass in the winter when the weather was cold and rainy. 

One resident talked about how the neighborhood kids invented a game called "jumping over the poop" and how they "collect syringe caps and float them down the stream of dirty gutter water fro fun. 

The homeowners expressed their frustration with the city for seemingly doing nothing about the situation and for ignoring the requests for help from residents. 

Ernst Schoen-Rene told the SFGate about the problem on Isis street, 

“There’s the poop and the needles and the rats,” Schoen-Rene said. “Oh, my God, there didn’t used to be rats.”

Schoen-Rene decided to write to the San Francisco Chronicle after neighbors found a black suitcase that had clearly been used as a toilet by homeless people.

“I actually started crying, I got so frustrated,” Schoen-Rene said. “I flipped out. I started writing to everybody.”

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Photo: Getty Images

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