Cyclist Want More Protected Bike Lanes After Friends Death

Some cyclists in south LA have planned a march to get justice for a friend killed in a hit-and-run crash earlier this year. 

Frederick Frazier was only 22 years-old when he passed after a driver crashed into him on Manchester blvd. 

Frazier's friend and cycle mate, Spencer Sims, is part of a group called Chief Lunes. They ride every Monday, but this Thursday, they're walking from Manchester Boulevard to a nearby police station. The group is demanding justice for Frazier.  

Sims says the lady who was driving was speeding at an alarming rate down the Boulevard. 

"She hit him and he died right there."

Manchester Boulevard has been identified as a “high injury” road for cyclists. Officials say bicycle-involved collisions increased 70-percent there last year alone.

He says the group also wants more protected bike lanes in the area to prevent another tragedy.

"I think there's a car culture problem here in Los Angeles and as the city gets more and more populated and more drivers are on the's just not sustainable."

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