VIDEO: Hair Extensions Torn Out, Go-A-Flyin' In Brawl

No, those aren't snakes who somehow meandered their way onto a department store floor.

Those are hair extensions which were ripped out of a woman's hair during a multi-person brawl at an Ohio Walmart.

4 ladies were recently caught on film in a brutal free-for-all at a Walmart in Reynoldsburg.

In the clip, the women are briefly heard arguing before taking swings at each other and proceeding to tear each other's clothes.

The fight prompted Walmart security to intervene and escort the troublemaker(s) out.

Throughout the roughly one-minute kerfuffle, one or more of the women's hair extensions are ripped from their weave, and wound up discarded and forgotten on the floor.

Ding dong! 

Check out the video below:

Read more over at the Daily Mail.

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