Man Threatens Death on Neighbors Because Testicles Hurt

Some people just never grow out of the "blame game" phase of life.  Even apparent drug fiends!

Some news out of Westville, Florida where a guy was arrested for being "on drugs and threatening to kill the neighbors with a gun."

Well, at least according to the Walton County Sheriff's Station.

Oh, baboo!

Police responded to complaints about a 32 year-old man who had been harrassing his neighbors.  When they arrived, they discovered the man drenched in sweat and his cell phone broken in the middle of the street.

County sheriffs reported that the phone had been found "crushed in the middle of the road from where he had apparently thrown it down earlier"

Once on the scene, they were informed by the man that he had been yelling and threatening his neighbors due to the fact that his testicles were hurting due to his having swum in a creek with "parasites."

Too bad for the guy, the excuse didn't work, and he was arrested after all.

Read more over at the NWF Daily News.

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