Former Rival John Chiang Endorses Gavin Newsom

Another former rival in the race for governor has come out to support Gavin Newsom. Democratic State Treasurer John Chiang announced his support for Newsom during an appearance in China town. 

"We need leadership that understands on a daily basis the power of effecting change." 

Newsom says it's important to show our democratic support before the general election match with Republican John Cox

"It is incredibly important that this party unify...That's really the spirit of why we're here." 

Chiang says this is about winning a national fight as much as who will control the state.

"Gavin represents the best leadership that we can offer in standing up for Californias values. We have a president, who on every single day is trying to stick it to the dreams and hopes of every single Californian."

Newsom is trying to consolidate Democratic support ahead of his matchup with Republican John Cox. 

Just earlier this week, former LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa announced his support for Newsom. 

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