Conservative Immigration Bill Fails, Compromise Bill Postponed

House leaders failed to pass the conservative immigration bill on Thursday that was supported by President Trump.

The bill was defeated in a 291-193 vote and a vote on a compromise bill was postponed until Friday. The conservative measure rejected by the House would have placed limits on legal immigration and would have provided temporary relief to young undocumented immigrants. 

The compromise bill provides $25 billion in funding for Trump's proposed wall and looks into requiring Homeland Security to keep migrant families together while they are being processed for illegally trying to enter the U.S.

The compromise bill also allows those who qualified for DACA under the 2012 standards to apply for a six-year, indefinitely renewable legal status. They can also apply for the merit-based visa program without going to their home country first. 

President Trump doubts the bills will have any chance in the senate where there are nine Democrats needed to join the GOP majority. 

The vote on the compromise bill was delayed so that members of congress could have more time to review the legislation, according to GOP Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy.  

Photo: Getty Images

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