Video: Bus Riders Told They Have to Be US Citizens to Ride

After a US Customs and Border Protection officer asked a group of people about their citizenship, a Maine bus employee told them they had to be US citizens to ride.

The incident happened a few weeks ago and was recorded on a cell phone by a Massachusetts man, Alec Larson.

Larson says he was asked about his citizenship while boarding a Concord Coach Lines bus.

He says he and his girlfriend saw two Customs and Border Protection agents hanging out and smoking with two Concord employees and at the time didn't think much of it...

Until each agent then took up post on either side of the bus' doors.

"I kind of anticipated why they were there. I didn't want to cause a scene, or stick the camera to anyone's face, just wanted to document what was going on. The agents began to question people if they were US citizens. Many, including myself and my girlfriend, chose to decline to answer. The agent nodded and kept walking."

Larson's video was later circulated online in a Facebook post from the ACLU of New Hampshire which the state group's legal director Gilles Bissonnette puts the agents' actions on blast.

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