Teenage Girl's Joyride Shuts Down City Power

A "fun" joyride ended in sparks and destruction last night when a teenage girl decided to take her father's car for a whirl. Authorities initially attempted to pull the driver over assuming she was drunk by the lack of headlights as well as driving on the wrong side of the road.  

Unfortunately, believing she'd get away, the driver initiated a short police pursuit lasting two minutes. A quick messy turn onto Van Nuys Blvd caused the driver to lose control where she slammed into a brick wall and power pole. According to CBS, the power pole fell down and landed on a used truck for sale at a neighboring car dealership. 

People who live nearby were awakened by the crash around 1 am this morning. 

“There was this huge explosion and…I thought the whole building was going to collapse, tell you the truth,” said neighbor Melinda Stevens. 

Power on the Panorama city intersection was shut down for hours as utility crews rushed to repair it. 

The driver was treated for minor injuries and released from the hospital this morning. We are not sure if she will face charges. 

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