John Cox: 'we're going to start using our money efficiently'

John Cox is keeping the gas tax repeal as the forefront of his campaign message as he battles gas tax supporters who argue the money is being used to help fix California's roads. 

The candidate for California governor is the chairman of the campaign to repeal the gas tax that is expected to raise more than $5 billion a year for road and bridge maintenance. 

The money for the supposed maintenance comes from the taxpayers of California who are paying for it in increased gas and diesel prices and surcharges on vehicle registrations. 

"Gavin Newsom and the Democrats decided to do the easy thing in their view, and that is just keep sticking their hands in the pockets of Californians," Cox told reporters at a news conference in front of the state Capitol in Sacramento.

Unfortunately, the initiative, which would also require voter approval for future increases, hasn't been certified for the ballot yet even though supporters turned in more than 900,000 signatures. Only 585,000 valid autographs are required to get on the ballot. 

Cox said he'd pay for road construction by making the government operate more efficiently after some politicians claimed Republicans are putting money into the campaign just to fill the office with more GOPs. 

"They're putting money into this repeal because it helps them re-elect Republican members of Congress," said Michael Quigley, executive director of the Alliance for California Jobs, which opposes the initiative. "They're willing to sacrifice our road safety to do that."

Listen to John Cox's interview with John and Ken below.

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