It's a Ruff Summer Already!

They say to really enjoy life you should 'dance like no one is watching'.... and you know we've all done it, dancing or singing at the top of our lungs only to turn around and realize someone has been watching you, then you turn red and are totally embarrassed. Or, so I've heard. 

Well, Baxter the dog had a similar situation.

Baxter's family set up an inflatable pool outside, and Baxter...was told he was NOT allowed in the pool.

Baxter's family says he knows this, but one day, when they weren't watching, Baxter apparently decided it was time to take a refreshing dip.

Then...he got caught.

Look at how guilty he looks!  And you know that I can't resist searching for more videos of 'guilty dogs' on YouTube, here's what I found.

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