World's Biggest Bovine Dies

There were a lot of tears and sad faces at the Lost Coast Hay farm in Eureka, California this weekend.

Danniel, a very special Holstein cow, passed away at the age of 8.

Danniel was believed to be the biggest bovine in the world, standing 6'4" tall and weighing in at about 2,000 lbs. 

His owners, Ken and Ann Farley, have been caring for Danniel for the last several years.  Ann told the Eureka Times Standard:

“We are so sad Danniel passed. He had a great run achieving worldwide fame for his size and gentle nature. His fans were young and old alike. He was a good boy.”

According to vets, Danniel suffered from a calcium deficiency, which caused weakness in his legs.  

Ken Farley said Danniel will be remembered fondly so many who came to see him over the years and were immediately taken with his kind and goofy nature.  

Ken says Danniel especially loved bread.

“That tongue would seem like it would come out like a foot. He was like an anteater,” When he would run, he looked like a doofus. He looked like a camel. When the bread bag would shake and he would come across the field, you couldn’t help but laugh.”

According to the Eureka Times Standard:

"Danniel leaves behind several farm friends including emus Ellie, Malcolm and Kevin, Sheldon the sheep and Pig Newton the pig."

According to his owners and the farm, there will be a memorial service for Danniel. The Lost Coast Hay Facebook page will post the details as soon as it's scheduled. 

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