"That Tesla is ON FIRE!" (and not in a good way!)

Imagine you're driving your car down Santa Monica Blvd on a perfectly lovely Southern California summer day, when suddenly someone pulls up next to you and yells out the window, "Sir!  Uh, Sir!  Pull over...your car is on fire!"

Well, that's what happened to Hollywood producer / director Michael Morris.

Morris says he had no idea there was a problem with his Tesla until a couple suddenly waved him down to let him know there were flames shooting out from under his front wheels. 

Mary McCormack, Morris' wife, tweeted a video showing the fire, saying it happened out of nowhere.

911 was called, firefighters arrived and put the fire out.   No one was injured, and no one, seems to know why the Tesla would suddenly burst into flames.

But, the LA Times says one 'alternative fuels website' has a theory:

"The alternative fuels news website elektric.co wrote that the fire was likely caused by a punctured battery pack, possibly by driving over an object, and that Tesla had recently added more protection to the car’s underside to prevent that sort of damage."

Tesla says they are investigating the cause of the incident.  

Hey, perhaps this particular Tesla model came with one of Elon Musk's Boring Company flamethrowers already installed? 

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