Trump Threatens To "Ship 25 Million Mexicans" To Japan

Last week, before his big North Korea summit meeting, President Trump met with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, calling him a 'great gentleman' and a 'highly respected friend.'

But at the recent G7 meeting, the president left some world leaders frustrated because he refused to budge on basic issues.  In addition, he left some stunned with comments he made to Abe and French President Emmanuel Macron.

According to the Wall Street Journal, which cited a senior EU official who was in the room at the time, President Trump was discussing Europe's immigration problem when suddenly he turned to Abe and said:

"Shinzo, you don't have this problem, but I can send you 25 million Mexicans and you'll be out of office very soon."

And he didn't stop at Abe, President Trump also set his sights on French President Emmanuel Macron when he was discussing terrorism and Iran.  He said:

"You must know this, Emmanuel, because all the terrorists are in Paris."

He also told Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau he was 'weak' after Trudeau said Canada would retaliate for U.S. imposed tariffs imposed on steel and aluminum. 

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