Guy's Girlfriend Sent Him A Fake College Rejection

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Eric Abramovitz had it goin' on. 

A virtuoso clarinette player, Abramovitz received a full scholarship worth about $50,000 for the prestigious Colburn Conservatory of Music in Los Angeles.

Yep, he was all set.  That is until he contacted the university, and rejected the scholarship offer.

Wait, what?If that sounds strange, that's probably because there are some shenanigans afoot.

And not your every day, legal shenanigans, but some seriously illicit ones.

You see, at the time Eric was dating one Jennifer Lee.  Sure, the name sounds normal, but what this young lady did really take the cake.

For reasons unknown, Lee had access to Abramovitz's email account, and saw a message from Colburn congratulating him on a full music scholarship.  

Next, unbeknownst to her boyfriend, she respond to the message as her Abramovitz, saying that he/she was not interested in their offer, and finally proceeded to delete the email.

If that wasn't bizarrely disgusting enough, dig this, cats.

She then created a fake email account, and posed as a USC representative, sending Abramovitz a fraudulent letter offering him a scholarship for $5,000.

Not too long after that, the couple broke up.

Understandably the kid was crushed.  No Coburn.  No girlfriend.


BUT!  He wasn't going to let a USC opportunity go to waste, and he eventually headed to the Southern California campus for the music program's auditions.

As fate would have it, the man holding the auditions was the Coburn music professor who had received the fraudulent email from his ex-girlfriend Jennifer Lee.

Fortunately, the virtuosos were able to clear up the confusion, but all (extremely rocky) roads led back to Lee.

Fast forward a couple years.  But this week, a Canadian court has ordered the fraud to pay $265,000 dollars in damages to Abramovitz for loss of reputation, educational opportunity and two years of potential income which the young star would have accrued.

Good for Eric.  But will he get the money?  All attempts to contact Jennifer Lee have gone unanswered....

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