Rebecca Black Live on the Conway Show!

Rebecca Black stopped by the show today to talk about her career, past present and future, her new single "Satellite," as well as her experiences with cyberbullying.  

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Singer.  Songwriter.  Symbol of resilience.

There are few people online these days who don't know who Rebecca Black is.  Sure, she was once known as the "Friday" girl of 2011 YouTube fame.  

That's when she first catapulted to international stardom when the then 13-year-old created to share with her friends and family went viral nearly overnight. “Friday” was viewed by hundreds of millions of people and became the fastest growing viral video, ranking No. 1 on YouTube in 2011.

Still need a reminder?  FINE:

Aw, who could forget that smile??

Her new music has been recognized on the Billboard Dance Club Charts with artists like Kygo, Lorde and Zayn. The single re-introduces the world to the wildly talented young woman (now 20-years-old) and previews her first full-length album titled “RE/BL”, out now.

On the TV front, last week saw Black stun America on Fox's "The Four" receiving approval and rave remarks from the A list panel of judges including Meghan Trainor, DJ Khalid, and Sean “Diddy” Combs.

Check out the footage below:

I think it's safe to say Rebecca Black is not the 13 year-old YouTube sensation we all remember, but a full-fledged recording artist.

Fresh off her time on The Four, Black now has a fresh new EP, and an even fresher new music video for the single "Satellite."

Check out the Rebecca's brand new music video for Satellite:

Rebecca has spent the last few years writing, creating and producing content for her sophisticated digital audience - including over 1 million YouTube subscribers - sharing her thoughts on music, beauty, travel and more. 

This is all part of what could maybe called the "re-invention" of Rebecca Black, but it seems to be more of a straight evolution from adolescence into young adulthood.

Her journey hasn’t always been easy, but Black, armed with belief in her talent, recognized her opportunities and used her skills, smarts and creative prowess to tell stories from her unique perspective. 

Her message is one of self-confidence, strength and believing in yourself - something she’s keen to share with her community. 

Older, wiser and confident in her talent, Black is excited to finally share her original music and herself with the world - on her terms.

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