Driver in U-Haul Shoots Himself After High-Speed Chase

The high-speed car chase that broke out Wednesday afternoon did not end too pretty. The chase started in the Garden Grove area after a family member of the driver contacted police saying the man had agreed to return stolen firearms from a burglary in Fullerton but when the police arrived, the suspect took off in a U-Haul pickup truck.

The driver weaved through traffic, driving in shoulder lanes through Anaheim toward the San Bernardino area and then ended his chase in an outlet on the side of the 15 Freeway after one of his front tires blew out.

Once stopped, the driver held a gun to his head and shot himself, the man died, according to Garden Grove police. 

NBC4 was broadcasting the chase and viewers ultimately saw the man kill himself live on TV. NBC4 later released this statement.  

NBC4 would like to apologize for an unfortunate and sad incident that happened during 6 p.m. newscast earlier tonight. We were covering a pursuit suspect who was armed and leading police on a dangerous high speed chase. When that driver came to stop, he killed himself. Unfortunately we did not pull away from our shot fast enough. Our team would never intentionally show this type of act. Our commitment is always to our viewer. We sincerely apologize for what happened.

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