@DrWendyWalsh Discusses News Coverage Of High Profile Suicides

Talking about suicide never makes for a comfortable conversation.

Whether it's because you lost a loved one, you feel pressure from your religion, or any other reason, discussing suicide can be awkward, painful, and depressing.

However, that is part of why it needs to be discussed.

Recent studies have found that media coverage of high profile suicides is actually linked to higher suicide rates.  For instance, following the deaths of Marilyn Monroe and Robin Williams, suicides increased for many months.

Now, with the deaths of Kate Spade of Anthony Bourdain, some media and medical professionals are considering establishing guidelines for covering suicides.

For example, rather than saying someone "committed suicide," it should be reported that they "took their own life."

Also, as opposed to focusing on those that have taken their own life, more emphasis should be placed on those that had suicidal thoughts, but confronted them and overcame them.

It is with these ideas, and more, that the World Health Organization is working to establish these journalistic guidelines.

If you are having suicidal thoughts, or know someone that might be, you can always call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at (800)273-8255

Read the full story at NBC News

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