DNA Test Shows Two 72 Year-Old Women Switched at Birth

Genetic testing has come a long way since its inception.

Gone are the days of guesswork when it comes to solving crimes, family history, and a whole slew of other DNA-based activities.

One of the DNA testing companies which has risen to the forefront is 23andme.com:

Enter Denice Juneski and Linda Jourdeans.  Two nieces who at around the same time, purchased a DNA kit with 23andme and went forward with the standard ancestry test.

What they each found was amazing.  The genealogical results for both women showed that they were not descended from the parents they had known their whole lives.

One feature of 23andme is connecting distant relatives who discovered their familial ties through the service.  Due to Juneski and Jordeans' close genetic ties, they were given each other's contact info through the website and they connected.

It was then that the picture really started to become clear.  In their discussions, certain holes from their lives began to fill in.

Juneski had never been too athletic, but her family was just that.  Her father played baseball in the indie leagues, and her sister is a hall-of-fame softballer.

The two ladies, now aged 72, were born on the heels of World War II in 1945.  But even with genetic testing, they can't be sure on how the initial mix-up happened in the first place.  

NBC reports the pair think it was all due to a nurse shift-change at the hospital on the day of their birth.

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