Want To Buy A Ghost Town? There's One For Sale Near You!

Tired of owning a normal house?

Looking for a vacation home?

Want to operate the greatest haunted town every Halloween?

Well, Cerro Gordo may be the place for you!

Cerro Gordo is a real-life ghost town that is for sale for just $925,000!

The 19th century mining town is located in Lone Pine, California in the Inyo Mountains.  The town's 22 buildings, which include multiple houses and a hotel, are spread over 300 acres.

The owner will also have all mineral and land rights to the property.

Miners and smelters established the location in 1869 and were ultimately able to turn it into California's largest producer of silver and lead.  

The place got its name, which means Fat Hill, by a group of Mexican miners that were exploring the area for silver.  It wasn't until 1965 that Pablo Flores finally found silver veins, which quickly led to increased prosperity and success for the town.

Don't believe that its a legit ghost town?

At its height, the town saw a murder per week.  And, considering it was occupied for at least 100 years, that's a whole lot of time for the bodies to pile up and the souls to get lost in that valley, so, yeah...have fun with that...

You can check out the listing at GhostTownForSale.com

Read the full story at Daily Mail

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