New Hampshire Distillery Selling Beaver-Flavored Bourbon

bourbon flavored with beaver now available.

New Hampshire is best known for presidential primaries, maple syrup, and now, Beaver Bourbon?

A New Hampshire distillery is taking a chance on a new flavor for one of their craft spirits. The craft whiskey being sold by Tamworth Distilling and Mercantile is unique in that the bourbon is partially flavored by the scent oils found in the castor sacs of New Hampshire beavers (because obviously you want to stay local when shopping for beaver castor sacs). 

The Granite State distillery says the beaver-flavored bourbon is called Eau De Musc and is a high-end, 88-proof bourbon that's aromatic, distinct, and contains a leathery, rich slightly fruity scent in the non-traditional sense.  

The secretion, known as castoreum, has been used to add flavoring to everything from natural foods, to fruit flavorings and even cigarettes. The Food and Drug Administration lists the distillery's secret ingredient as a "generally recognized safe" food additive which manufacturers refer to as a "natural flavor" when added to foods. 

The company's website says the secret beaver ingredient "exhibits bright and fruitful qualities, as well as rich leathery notes, along with a creamy vanilla aroma."

Steve Grasse, who opened Tamworth Distillery four years ago, told the New Hampshire Angle that the castoreum taken from a single beaver can create multiple barrels of whiskey. 

Other ingredients that make up the beaver bourbon including raspberry, Canadian snakeroot, fir needles, birch bark (tar oil and regular oil and maple syrup. If you're morbidly curious to find out what a fifth of the beaver bourbon tastes like, a bottle will run you around $65.

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