Turpin Sister Talks To GaS About Childhood & "House Of Horrors"

We all remember the story of the Turpin family and their "house of horrors" in Perris, California.

Once the story surfaced, many people began turning to Louise Turpin's sister, Elizabeth Flores, for her story and for her insight into the family.  Little did anyone know, Elizabeth was already working on a book that outlined it all.

You can find Sisters of Secrets on Amazon

"The life story of a Christ-following girl had been written. It was sent to the publisher just a week before the horrific event on January 15, 2018. Her story of surviving abuse, to holding fast to her faith, to be an overcomer was now forever changed. Her older sister, Louise Turpin, had been arrested on child abuse charges including shackling, starving, and torturing her own children.

The case that shocked the world brought a flood of repressed memories to Elizabeth Flores, the sister of Louise Turpin. Her story now had to be infused with the secrets that started to come out. Secrets of a sisterhood. Secrets buried long ago could no longer remain buried."

Elizabeth joined the Gary and Shannon Show today to talk about it all.

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