Cat Shot with Arrow Available for Adoption

SAN JACINTO (CNS) - A 2-year-old cat shot through the torso with an arrow is available for adoption, but those interested in making a home for the abused feline must express in an essay contest why they would be the best caretaker for the pet. 

Essays are due by Tuesday night and can be submitted to the Riverside County Department of Animal Services via the following email address:

``The essay does not have to be award-wining prose,'' agency Director Rob Miller said. ``We're encouraging people to write from the heart as to why Archer's plight has moved them to write to us and to provide his forever home.''

The cat was named Archer in recognition of what he endured. The brown-and-white domestic short-hair was located on the morning of May 18 with a black marksman bolt arrow running straight through his upper body, with the tip angled just below his chest, adjacent to his left front leg. 

Due to an extreme fracture caused by the arrow, the leg had to be amputated, according to animal services spokesman John Welsh.``He's getting (by) well on three legs,'' said Dr. Sara Strongin, a veterinarian at the San Jacinto Valley Animal Campus. ``But he won't be the quickest to dodge coyotes or motorists. We'd be very disappointed to discover he survived the arrow shooting, only to get hit by a car.''She said anyone who adopts Archer will have to keep him indoors. 

According to the doctor, the cat will also need to be kept on a strict diet to prevent him from gaining more weight than his three legs can support. Excessive weight for a three-legged animal can lead to complications, such as arthritis, she said. According to Welsh, a city of Perris animal control officer found the feline and brought him to the shelter, where he underwent surgery hours later and was placed on a regimen of intravenous antibiotics. He has spent the last few weeks in recovery. 

Video of Archer is available here: Https:// animal control officers have not identified who inflicted the traumatic and potentially deadly wound. 

Welsh said anyone who submits an essay should include his or her full name, address and telephone number. A would-be adopter does not have to reside in Riverside County.

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