#MoOnTheMovies: Ocean's 8 & This Weekend's New Releases

It is Friday, which mean's @MrMoKelly is back for #MoOnTheMovies!

Ocean's 8 is here and it looks pretty stinkin' good.

Steven Soderbergh’s “Ocean’s Eleven” remake is a hard movie to live up to. Its starry charm was backed by a breezy and deceptively dense script full of memorable characters, dizzyingly complex logistics and lively filmmaking that Soderbergh himself couldn’t even recreate in the two sequels. But it is undeniable that even the near-perfect “Eleven” was missing something pretty major: Women. You know, besides Julia Roberts, that blackjack dealer and the one exotic dancer.

So why not, 17 years later, fix that egregious oversight by gathering up a few Oscar and Emmy winners and nominees, a Grammy-winner and a buzzy comedienne to keep that Ocean’s franchise going and acknowledge the other half of the human population? If only “Ocean’s 8 ” was as a fresh and smart as that first one. (Hint: It’s not for lack of star charisma or talent.)

Sandra Bullock anchors the cast as Debbie Ocean, the never-before-mentioned sister of George Clooney’s Danny Ocean, who has taken up the family business to varying degrees of success (we meet her in a parole hearing) and prefers to work without “hims.” ″Hers,” she later explains, can go unnoticed.

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There's also the futuristic thriller Hotel Artemis...

And the horror film, Hereditary...

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