Kim Jong Who?

People in Singapore have been doing a double take this week after catching a glimpse of what appeared to be North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un walking down the street enjoying the local fare. 

Perhaps he decided to go early to take in the sights?

Nope, it was Howard X, an impersonator and satirist who has been imitating the dictator for the last several years.  And while he does look like Kim Jong Un, once he opens his mouth his Australian accent gives him away.

He's been traveling around the world generating attention, including at the Winter Olympics in South Korea.

During opening ceremonies, he and a Trump impersonator made their way through a credentialed media area and tried to get to the VIP area where Vice President Pence was sitting.  

They almost made it, but were stopped, but they ended up all over the news!

Later, he showed up and attended a United Korea hockey game against Japan, made his way in front of cheerleaders from North Korea, danced and waved a flag around, before a few North Korean security guards moved him away.  Then, he sat in the stands and took in the game with fans who gathered around him for photos and selfies and gave a few interviews.

Eventually, Olympic security detained him and escorted him out of the area.

Appearing on several local Australian morning talk shows, he said he went to remind people about the brutal North Korean regime. 

“You can’t let North Korea hijack these games. We’ve got to remind people that this is a terrible regime and as an Aussie, I need to take the piss out of them.”

So now he's made his way to Singapore, with the same Trump impersonator he partnered with at the Olympics and the two are planning on being around throughout the big summit planned for next week.  They even have an event happening on Saturday!

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