This Little Piggy Was Hot!

'Tis the time of year where idiots decide that leaving their kids, their elderly parents or pets in hot cars so they can 'run into the store for just a second' is a good idea. is NEVER ACCEPTABLE.  Never leave anyone unattended in a hot car on a hot day, it could be deadly!

Well, in Tustin, the O.C. Sheriff's Department's North Division, recently responded to a call to assist Orange County Animal Care after they got a call that someone had decided it would be a good idea to leave their pet pig in their car.

Police tracked down the vehicle's registered owner and found out the pig's name was 'Ramone.'

Ramone seemed to be taking it all in stride, hanging out in the back window.  He was safely removed and the owner was reprimanded about leaving him in the car. 

The Sheriff's Department posted the photo they took to their Facebook page as a reminder to all to NEVER leave their pets in a hot car.

And now here's some more piggies for you just for fun. 

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