'Fixer Upper' stars fined!

Hey Chip and Joanna!   Get the lead out!

No seriously, GET THE LEAD OUT!

'Fixer Upper' stars Chip and Joanna Gaines are in some trouble because, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, when they renovated 33 homes and stripped the paint, they didn't use 'adequate lead paint protections,' 'failed to post warning signs,' and 'didn't obtain EPA permission for the projects.'

Yep, that's right, they just threw caution to the wind and let the lead fly.

Uh oh!  No good my friends!

The EPA says the rules on lead paint removal are in place to help minimize the risk of human exposure to lead, including pregnant woman...and hey, that Joanna is pregnant, so she should know!

The EPA fined their company, Magnolia Homes, $40,000 for the lapse.

OUCH!  40 grand Baboo!  

And guess how the EPA found out?  They simply WATCHED the show.  So someone got paid to binge watch this awful show and see what rules they were violating.  What a job!

So now Chip and Joanna have to go back to all of those homes and fix the issue. Their company says that in addition to the fine, they plan to spend an additional $160,000 on lead paint treatment in high-risk homes in their community and promises to educate the public by producing a video that will talk about the dangers of lead-based paint. 

Ain't that nice.

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