#TastyTuesday with @ForkReporter Gets BeanBoozled!

Are you down to get BeanBoozled?

Lucky for you, we're taking this hit for you.

Jelly Belly is rolling out their 5th edition of BeanBoozled and we are putting our mouths on the line for your entertainment.

Will we get Stink Bug or Toasted Marshmallow?

Will we get Dirty Dish Water or Birthday Cake?

There's a 50/50 chance.

May the odds be ever in our favor.

You can find the full game on Amazon

You looking to light up the insta?

You may wanna take a minute (and a few bucks) and invest in some of these hit foods, because they are sure to light up the gram this summer!

First, we have matcha.

We're not talking about a simple matcha latte.

No, no, no.  Matcha is taking over the food world, so catch this cool train while you can!

Second, there is poke.

Poke is delicious.

If you like sushi, you will love poke.

It's basically a sushi bowl, a.k.a. a bowl of heaven.

Just trust me and get it.

Oh, and post it...that's why you're reading this...


What do bees make???

Oh...no...so close...

We were looking for pollen.

Yes, bees do make honey, but honey is old news.

Worker bees actually pack pollen into little vitamin and mineral rich pellets and people are now putting it on their ice cream, oatmeal bowls, and other sweets.

Looking for other fun Instagram foods?

There's gut-healthy foods, fancy corn on the cob, gourmet donuts, farro, energy bites, and charcoal.



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