Good Samaritans Angry Over Bar Backflip Shooting

Good Samaritans are expressing their anger over the freakish incident that occurred in a Denver bar last week after finally seeing the cellphone video of the incident that scared them. 

An off-duty FBI agent was really feeling himself and thought it would be a great idea to do a cute little backflip on the dance floor of Mile High Spirits Distillery with a loaded gun in his waistband. As Isaac Newton discovered, gravity takes hold and the loaded gun proceeded to fall from the man's pants and accidentally fire at the nearby crowd as he goes to pick it up. Unfortunately, the bullet struck and wounded another bar patron in the leg several yards away. 

The off-duty FBI agent never bothered to approach or help the wounded person and left people in the bar wondering what in the world was going on and if there could be an active shooter in the building.  

"We didn't hear anything more," one of the Samaritans David Laferriere said, "So we assumed it wasn't a gunshot until the victim grabbed his upper thigh and started screaming, 'Someone call 911.'"

"He kind of keeled over, so I got my arms under his and lowered him to the ground," another person said. "I removed my belt and got it around his leg as a tourniquet."

The good Samaritans say they had no idea that the stray bullet came from an off-duty agent's gun until they saw news accounts of what happened much later, according to ABC Denver.

"We were here all night," Laferriere said, "Until the whole situation was taken care of. As far as I'm concerned, (the agent) made no effort, whatsoever, to take care of the victim, even though he was probably the best trained of anyone there to take care of the victim."

The off-duty agent was taken in for questioning by Denver police but was not arrested. He was then turned over to an FBI supervisor.

Watch the buffoonery below. 

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