Cop Joins In On The 'Cupid Shuffle'

If the neighborhoods in Riverside are anything like they are in our neck of the woods, then it's NOT unusual for police to get a bunch of noise complaints on a Friday or Saturday night.

Well, one officer in Riverside received a 'loud party' complaint and headed over to see what the problem was.

It turned out it was a teenager's birthday party in a family's backyard, and honestly, by looking at the video, it didn't even seem to be that we're curious as to who the jerkface is who called the cops in the first place! (Someone NOT invited to the party obviously!)

Well, the officer showed up and saw everyone was having some harmless fun and instead of asking them to turn the music off, he decided to take a quick break, and have a little fun himself by joining in with partygoers to do the 'cupid shuffle.'

By the looks of it, he did really well!

His colleagues at the Riverside P.D. decided to post a video clip of the dance on their Facebook page where it's been viewed more than 240,000 times and shared more than 3,000 times. 

Now, the Riverside Police Department did say the residents turned off the music after the birthday party was over. So all is good in the world.

And to the person who called in the noise complaint?  RELAX, it's a party, just have some fun, and maybe learn the 'cupid shuffle'!

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